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Learn the best practices for boosting conversions for fashion eCommerce 

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Common challenge

For every 50 customers that visit a style and fashion e-commerce store, 49 leave without spending a cent.* Currently, the average apparel e-commerce conversion rate stands at just 1.8%, and three times lower for those in the bottom 20%.

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"For the busy modern consumer, the ability to converse with a brand at their convenience could make the difference, with 40% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers preferring to speak to a chatbot over a human representative when in a hurry, according to Zendesk."

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Created to increase store conversion

In this guide, you will learn how to overcome consumer issues causing cart abandonment, discover opportunities to enhance the customer journey, and learn about the innovative solutions helping forward-thinking retailers to drastically increase checkout conversion.

Learn the best practices for boosting conversions

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