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This guide offers steps fashion retailers can take to increase consumers' confidence in their brand, products, and services and insight into the positive impact on brand image, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates.

"Customer confidence refers to the trust that a consumer has in a brand to offer honesty, accuracy and deliver products and services that meet expectations. Consumer trust in brands is eroding, particularly around transparency in fashion, having declined by 6% in the past year alone, with less than half of brands seen as trustworthy . To ease these doubts, retailers must take steps to make their customers feel informed and more trusting of their brand and products."

Customer shopping confidence: Why is it important?

Fashion sales are tipped to gather momentum in 2022 as consumers make up for lost time. With digital, personalization and sustainability being top priorities for a modern consumer, online fashion retailers must offer a shopping experience that assists, builds trust, and instills confidence in their products and services.

But many brands still fail to get even the basics right. Some 55% of customers have backed out of a purchase because of additional checkout fees and 17% due to a lack of trust. With trust in the fashion industry declining by 6% in 2021, retailers must convince consumers that a product will meet expectations.

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Created to increase shopping confidence

Discover 8 steps to boost customer confidence and provide shoppers with the encouragement they need to checkout.

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